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Made in USA

Diesel Engine Bolt Steak Turner
starts at $24    

Engraving Options
For right-handed or left-handed person?
Letters and Numbers to punch

These steak turners are forged by me from BIG bolts from a diesel truck-- they weigh 1/2 pound each and the finished turner is approximately 19" long.

For the handle I flatten the shank and use a tool called a fuller to smash in some finger rests.

The rest of the bolt is drawn out and terminates in a corkscrew shape at the end-- the perfect shape for snagging a piece of meat with the flip of the wrist.

The alloy these bolts are made of is ridiculously tough and strong-- you could hang a 20 lb cut of meat off this tool without bending it.

I hand-punch the name of the owner into each one while it is still at a cherry red heat (approximately 1600 degrees).

Weight is approx 8 oz


Ships by priority mail within the United States, or first class international. Ships within 2 weeks and should arrive within 4 days of shipment being sent. Please let me know if your wedding or other event is less than 3 weeks away from the time you order so I can ensure timely delivery.


To Order:

Select an engraving option from the drop-down menu.
Select whether the recipient is right-handed or left-handed.
Enter the name or message to be engraved, if any, in the "Letters and Numbers to punch" text box.
Click "add to cart" and go checkout! Shipping adds just $5.05, no matter how big the order is.

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