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Made in USA

Forged Penannular Brooch
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The design of this penannular brooch dates back two thousand years. It is used with knitted garments and cloaks to fasten them at the neck. I make each one in my smithy, heating in the forge to 1800 degrees F and then working with the hammer and anvil, the same way these have always been made.

ring-- 3 inches in diameter
needle-- 4.5 inches long
Thickness is approx. 1/4" at the thickest parts.

Directions for fastening:
"The pin is pushed through folds of the cloth, which are then pulled back inside the ring; the free end of the pin passes through the gap in the ring. The pin is then rotated around the ring by 90 degrees or so, so that as long as the pin is held down by slight pressure it cannot escape over the terminals, and the fastening is secure." Wikipedia

Weight is approx 4 oz

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